Saturday, 21 February 2009

The mysterious disappearance of my favourite toy...

Hmmm, this latest incident has reminded me of the mystery of my beloved rope toy, a delicious chewy chunk attached to long tendrils of string, perfect for leaping around with!

Here is a picture of me chewing it with great satisfaction... taken shortly before it disappeared.... And another, of me giving it a really good shakeup, and airing my ears simultaneously... Well, you can see how much I loved it!

Then one day, I was just chewing away, lying on my back with my legs flailing in the air... And my daddy tried to take it away from me... I'd been chewing for a while, and he tugged and tugged and yards of the string came out of my mouth (I'd spent all day practicing that, I'd seen a conjurer on TV do it with scarves...) but he wasn't impressed! And then it vanished under very mysterious circumstances, while I was outside chasing off the pesky local squirrels... Highly suspicious!

It's a dogs life, eh?

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